Summer Bucket list
Where can see the bucket list?

On my blog. @

could you do a realistic bucket list of simple things to do? please )^o^(

Yes, I can. But, A lot of the things on this bucket list are realistic. So, If you could give me things and ideas of realistic things to put on a bucket list, that would help. :)

Where can I find the full list of pictures for the bucket list?
Get kicked out of Walmart lol(:

That’s already on the list. It’s #167 on page 36.

Requests : Get High (or smoke weed) , kiss a cute stranger , pull an all nighter

All of these are already on the list. Kiss a stranger is #244 on page 26, Pull an all nighter is #146 on page 38, Smoke weed is #151 on page 37, Get high is #481.

what theme do you use? is it free?

Honestly, I’m not sure! But it is free.

Send a letter to a random adress..?

It’s already on the list. #200 on page 32.

Can you add kiss on a roller coaster?

I added it on!

get kicked out of 7-11, have a rap battle, tan in a parking lot, eat at taco bell at midnight, chinese firedrill, ask a homeless person for their life story, skate at the skatepark in footie pj's, go streaking. those are just some off my bucketlist(:

I added all of those on there except for skatepark in footie pj’s. That’s been hard for me to find a picture but I will add it. Chinese fire drill is already on the list as well as go streaking! Go streaking is #73 on the list on page 46 and Chinese fire drill is #188 on the list on page 33.